Well, the other shoe has finally dropped: The Newton Public Schools are now closed, starting tomorrow and lasting at least through next Friday and possibly longer. Here’s a link to the Newton Report’s article: https://mailchi.mp/bostonglobe.com/newton-officials-revisit-sites-for-senior-center-399841?e=75a9ebf2ff

Though not surprised by the decision, which all of us viewed beforehand as inevitable, I received a second blow to the gut shortly afterward: girls tennis at Newton South will not begin as planned because the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) has postponed all spring sports until Monday, March 30 at the earliest. Here is part of their statement: 

After much discussion, the BOD decision is to delay the start of the 2020 spring season to March 30, 2020.  Respecting the fluidity of this situation, this decision will be revisited prior to March 30.

The following guidelines must be followed during this delayed start time:
      -Out of season coaching is not allowed during this period
      -The start date for the first competition will be consistent with MIAA Handbook Rule 35.4.1
      -The first team competition may not occur before the 11th calendar day after and including the first day of practice. 

In all likelihood, if schools reopen by then and teams hold tryouts and practices, actual matches and games probably won’t be played until Spring break or afterward. And how can anyone predict if school will have reopened at the end of March anyhow? This pandemic is so distinct that to say the situation is evolving hardly does justice. 

For safety’s sake, life has been put on hold for most of us in Massachusetts…and many other places.



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