There’s been a lot of discussion on various listserves and FB groups about whether or not Newton should cancel classes. Many have raised two issues:  1) what will working parents do with their kids since many don’t have the luxury of staying home or having access to childcare; and 2) many families/kids depend on meals provided at school. These are issues that most certainly need to be addressed (frankly, I’m surprised that we (a universal “we” ) don’t have a plan for a situation like this and hope that our current City leaders are quickly coming up with a plan to address these issues), but I am in favor of doing all that we can to flatten this curve and support canceling classes and closing our schools. It may seem and end up being an extreme measure, but this novel COVID-19 is serious and “we” are so far behind the rest of the world in dealing with it. Leaders have to make tough decisions and this is one of them.


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