As an avid biker and long-time supporter of programs that encourage riding, I’m always on the alert for municipal enhancements that could make it easier or more comfortable for those who want to employ two, rather than four, wheels to get around town.

I was recently in Camberwell, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and saw a bike repair station that had been put up in front of the public library.  It is solidly constructed and has a pump, a rack on which you can lift your bike to make repairs, and retractable cables that have every tool you would ever need to change a tire or make other repairs.

I’ve included pictures here, including one of the pavement sign about 100 meters away directing riders to where the repair station is.

Questions for my Newton biking colleagues:  Would such installations be desirable and useful here?  (Imagine several around town in front of libraries and/or schools. Or maybe, too, at Northland and Riverside and such developments.)  Given installation and maintenance costs, would we want to advocate for the City to finance them, or would we want to encourage local businesses to do so and/or require developers to do so?

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