Last year we dropped the ball and there was no Feast of the Falls due to all sorts of scheduling issues.

This year it’s definitely happening on Sunday June 21 and this year it’s moving to the Upper Falls Greenway.

One of the not-so-secret secrets about the Feast of the Falls is that Upper Falls biggest party of the year has always been held in Needham – on the far side of Echo bridge.

This year our fearless leader Seana Gaherin suggested, no demanded!!, that we bring it home and move it to the Upper Falls Greenway.  Says Seana “it’s straight enough, it’s long enough and it’s in the damn Falls”

So this June, the 400 foot dinner table will appear one Sunday afternoon on the Greenway.

There – now that we have made a public announcement it will force us to get in gear, apply for those permits, rile up our fabulous crew, raise the money, and once again throw the most amazing dinner party you have ever seen.

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