One of the iconic attributes of Newton is it’s 13 separate villages.  Why stop there though?   Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.

I was inspired by neighbors who live up the top of the very, very steep Cottage St in Upper Falls, at the highest place in the village.  They took it upon themselves to christen their micro-village as Upper Upper Falls – “where the air is thin and our chickens like it that way”.

I also much admired Sally Lipshutz’s recent coining of “Lower Wabandale” as the location of the Newton Wellesley Hospital.

Here’s your chance to do the same.  If you live in some little piece of Newton and share some unique attributes with your nearby neighbors – tell us where it is, give it a name, and even better yet give it a slogan for the T shirts, bumper stickers, and refrigerator magnets that are sure to follow.  Or if you live in a micro-village that already has a name in use, tell us about it.

I live in a three street micro-village called (as of this moment)  No Fall Falls – It’s a little corner of Upper Falls close by Echo Bridge.  I live on Spring St, which runs between Summer St and Winter St, but after naming those three streets after three seasons our 19th century ancestors lost the train of their thought and moved on to other kinds of names.   Motto: “Red, Green, Blue, Maple – No Fall Falls”.

Also if you think there are any micro-villages that should have a name tell us about those too.  Two that come to mind:

* Charlesbank Rd and the few streets off it before you hit the Boston border should have it’s own name.

* The few short streets (Williams, Saco, …) between Oak St and the Charles River in Upper Falls should have their own name.

There’s no reason we can’t similarly sub-divide the content here on our 14th village into micro-villages.

  • We’ll call the micro-village consisting of all posts related to the upcoming referendum – Northlandia .  Motto:”Northlandia: Seventh circle of hell”


    We can refer to any/all posts related to the Newton Nomadic Theater as Hypetown “Hypetown – where there’s always one more show to flog”

So get going, start posting, and I’ll line up the T-shirt suppliers and we’ll talk to the city about setting up micro-Councils.

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