I wanted to share some links I put together as sort of a primer on why progressives should and do care about housing, both affordable and in general. 

For those who would like to better understand the progressive roots of the movement to allow more housing, I would suggest some reading as you’re making your decision on the Northland question. 

Links to Better Understand the Housing Debate:

If you’re up for a full book, The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein does a really good job explaining the racial history of exclusionary zoning.
Barack Obama just yesterday shared this NY Times article about housing.
The Greater Boston Housing Report Card found that Newton ranks low in Housing Affordability, Diversity, and and Production.
Citylab’s excellent explanation of how even luxury apartments reduce rents elsewhere.
NY Times article explaining why housing policy is climate policy and that denser housing near cities is one of the most effect ways to reduce carbon pollution.
Newton’s own Amy Dain gives a local flavor to the impacts of zoning. (And her excellent housing study is available here)
Finally, here’s a Boston Foundation Report (covered by WGBH) I want to quote, just to put a finer point on the importance of multi-family housing:
“We find very explicitly that communities that built a greater share of multifamily housing per capita saw a decrease in racial segregation,” she said. “It’s not just, build more [luxury and single family] housing and we’re gonna address the segregation issue. … It’s really about building different types of housing and affordable housing in those suburban communities. That’s going to move the dial.”

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