The mayor’s newsletter today just announced two new projects in the works that will improve the Upper Falls Greenway and surrounding area.

The state’s Massworks program just awarded a $396K grant to the city for the design and engineering for two different projects.

1. At the moment, the Upper Falls Greenway ends at National Lumber.  If you continue from there, you go down the very short Easy St and are dumped into one of the busiest intersections in the area – Needham & Winchester St.   When the mile-long Upper Falls Greenway park was created a few years ago, we had hoped that it could be continued behind National Lumber and end by the route 9 underpass on Winchester.  This would provide a much better and safer route to/from the Highlands.   This new grant will fund the design and engineering work for exactly that project.

2. Revamping Pettee Square (aka Chestnut & Oak St).  The ‘front door’ of the Greenway is by the Depot Coffee Shop at the corner of Oak and Chestnut St.  The other half of the grant is intended for a complete redesign of Pettee Square – with new sidewalks, paving, drainage, landscaping, ADA ramps, traffic lights.

Governor Baker and Lt Governor Polito are coming to Upper Falls on Thursday morning for the official announcement of the projects.  The public is welcome to attend at 1234 Chestnut St., at 9:15 a.m, across the street from the Greenway

I hope they bring one of those giant check – I love those 😉

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