Over at the Boston Globe, Jon Chesto took a deep dive into the Northland referendum and came up with the basic idea that this vote has grand implications for the future of our city. 

If you’re like me, you believe that the referendum sends a very strong signal to developers to “stay away” from our community, because it’s just too complicated. I haven’t been shy about pointing this out. 

Mayor Fuller backs this up as quoted by Chesto: 

Fuller cited an essentially glowing report card that bond ratings agency Moody’s gave the city on Feb. 7. Rather than focus on the positive, she pointed to the warning signs contained therein: a limited ability to raise taxes, looming long-term pension liabilities. We had better lean into having the right kind of commercial tax base here, Fuller told the crowd, or we’ll face a big problem.

On the other side is the voice that says this is the stand that we, the people of Newton need to take to control development here and keep developers from running wild over our land. 

Let the comment war begin!

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