The Newton Nomadic Theater is celebrating leap year evening, Feb 29, by opening our new show at the Auburndale Library.


One day Albert Camus asked Jean-Paul Sartre to write a short play for four characters that could be performed in the home of friends – sounds like they had the Newton Nomadic Theater in mind.
No Exit – A slightly odd and inscrutable bellhop leads three different guests into the same room.   Their three lives and three stories unfold in disturbing, surprising, and at times very funny ways, because there is ‘no exit’.
We are delighted to be featuring Noni Lewis, one of our regular actors in recent years (Revolutionists, Colder Than Here, Dracula:the Bloody Truth) as both the director and choreographer, with her original take on a famous classic – No Exit. 
We’ve assembled a great cast of NNT regulars Linda Goetz, Matt Winberg, Sarah Morrisette and added Newton Nomadic newcomer Slava Tchoul.
Performances from Feb 29 – March 29 at various locations in Newton, Weston and Watertown

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