The Land Use Committee held the first of a series of presentations/public hearings on the modified 13-acre Riverside Newton project and it was notable for several reasons:

  1. The Mark Development presentation was short but informative.  A good chunk of the presentation was provided by city planner Jeff Speck. Speck has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in easy terms; providing not just an opportunity to learn about this project but valuable insights into parking, pedestrian patterns, public space and overall urban design. 
  2. The presentation by the Lower Falls Improvement Association was also thoughtful, constructive and also informative. 
  3. Same for the Riverside Greenway Working Group presentation.  Both groups made helpful suggestions.
  4. And ditto for most of the public comments too. 
  5. Then the council members followed with an equally interesting discussion (and well-earned compliments to the LIFA and Greenway groups).
  6. Did I mention how it’s always interesting to listen to Jeff Speck?

But don’t take my word for it, watch the video starting at about the 12 minute mark.