A editorial in today’s Globe and a column by Newton resident Amy Dain in Commonwealth both argue for making personal sacrifices to address the region’s housing crisis, including in communities like Newton and along I-95.

From the Globe Editorial Board:

Massachusetts is fortunate to have a growing economy, but its ability to house the workers and families who are at the core of maintaining that growth continues to worsen. The demand for housing that ordinary families can actually afford in a tight market is a looming problem for the communities around Greater Boston and elsewhere in the Commonwealth.

That’s why everyone needs to take one for the team when it comes to the housing crisis: it’s a shared responsibility of the private sector and government.

And from Amy Dain in Commonwealth:

The suburbs are over-restricting development, home prices are escalating, and traffic is still stealing family dinners and putting jobs at risk.

What has garnered less attention is Greater Boston’s plan for growth — what the plan is, and what it should be. No place in Greater Boston is aching more for attention — for leadership and a plan — than the Route 128 corridor, the thrumming artery of Greater Boston’s geographic center.

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