As we enter the New Year, NewCAL remains high on the Mayor’s agenda, with the next community meeting Thursday, January 16, 2020, 7:00PM, at the Newton Ed Center, 100 Walnut Street, Room 111. The meeting’s online announcement states: “We look forward to listening and collaborating with members of the community as we move toward finding the best location for NewCAL.”

Hopefully, it was an unintentional oversight for the announcement to mention “finding location” without also mentioning “determining scope”. Whether NewCAL is to encompass an athletic and community center, featuring a gymnasium and possibly swimming pool, with facilities open to the general public unless reserved for seniors, or solely a Senior Center, would seem to be a necessary preliminary determination before proceeding to “finding the best location,” at least insofar as the size of the required site. To say nothing of the increased price tag for an expanded NewCAL as opposed to traditional Senior Center. And perhaps the moniker “NewCAL” (Newton Center for Active Living) should go back to “Newton Senior Center” (also recognizing that seniors with infirmities or who prefer less activity, are also welcome).

If you feel that the scope of what “NewCAL” should be, needs to be addressed first, or otherwise, Village 14 can continue to be a forum for that discussion into the New Year.

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