The MBTA released the following update this morning on its Green Line Transformation project….


Green Line Transformation Program 2019 Year in Review

As we look toward the important improvements that the Green Line Transformation (GLT) program will deliver to our customers in 2020, we want to share all that has been accomplished in 2019 and to thank you for your patience while work was completed. We know that diversions and construction can be inconvenient at times, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to provide the quality of service you want and deserve, and that we strive each day to deliver. 

We’re very excited about the GLT program’s goals in 2020 and beyond. As you know, our overarching objective is to improve the Green Line quality of service, including increased capacity and enhanced accessibility through fleet modernization, infrastructure/facility upgrades, and state-of-the-art technology.

Specifically, we are investing in projects to remove barriers to access, upgrade infrastructure to support a new fleet of Supercars, and make the entire system more resilient in the event of extreme weather. Ongoing projects include:

Please click here to see some GLT highlights of 2019 and see below for more details on select projects.

2019 Progress toward Transforming Service for Green Line Riders

D Branch Track and Signal Replacement 

Since Fall 2018, we have been replacing track and signals on the D Branch between Beaconsfield and Riverside. This project will improve service, safety, and reliability with new track and updated signal systems. To date, we have replaced 10,200 feet of track and several miles of signal cable.

By the end of the project, we will to replace a total of 25,000 feet of track and 6.5 miles of signal cable, which will enable us to lift speed restrictions on the Green Line D Branch. D Branch shuttles will continue to replace train service on some weeknights and some weekends in 2020 with advance notice.

Fenway Portal Project

Site work has begun to prepare for the installation of large steel doors at the entrance of the Green Line tunnel, as well as a steel gate just outside the entrance of the Green Line tunnel, near Fenway Station to prevent flooding. Crews will also install an updated pumping station and new cameras to monitor potential flooding of the Muddy River and rising water levels that could pose a flood risk to our system. 

This project will reduce risk of flooding damage on the Green Line and mitigate weather-related service interruptions. D Branch shuttles will continue to replace train service on weeknights and some weekends in 2020 with advance notice.

Intersection Upgrades 

In 2019, we replaced 30 sections of track where the rail crosses the road and pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers pass over the tracks. Uneven pavement was replaced with a new, smooth layer. The work was primarily on the Green Line B and C branches, with an additional section on the Mattapan Line.

The Green Line Transformation team’s acceleration of the 30 intersections upgrades was completed 5 months ahead of the original schedule by maximizing planned diversions. These upgrades bring you a safer, more reliable MBTA.

In addition to accelerating the intersections upgrades, the Green Line Transformation team took advantage of the planned service diversions and incorporated more than 7,000 feet of track replacement work during intersection work to maximize outcomes for our riders. We ultimately exceeded our track work goal and replaced a total of 8,470 feet of track. 


Connecting with Riders and Communities Served by the Green Line 

Green Line Transformation Public Meetings

In the fall of 2019, the GLT team held five public meetings at key locations across each branch to introduce the holistic program to the communities served by the Green Line. These meetings were an opportunity for riders to engage with the GLT team, ask questions about specific projects, raise any concerns about impacts, and become involved in shaping the future of the Green Line. We heard many good questions and comments during each of the sessions and that input is helping guide the efforts of the Green Line Transformation program going forward.

Stay Connected with GLT!

The Green Line serves to connect people with the places they need to go. That is why we have our riders first and foremost in mind in all that we do, and why we always value your input and feedback. Proactive, transparent and frequent outreach efforts will continue throughout the duration of the GLT program. We welcome questions and comments through the website ( or through our online feedback form at any time.  To request a GLT presentation to your community group, please reach out at [email protected].


Thank You to Riders and Neighbors of the Green Line!

The entire GLT team appreciates your patience and understanding as we work to improve the Green Line system. While construction and diversions may cause temporary inconveniences, the result will be a safer, more reliable, and accessible system for all our riders and the communities we serve.

We look forward to continuing our work to improve the Green Line in 2020 and beyond!


Angel Peña, Chief of Green Line Transformation
and the entire GLT team

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