Three years ago the city passed new regulations to encourage the creation of “accessory apartments”.  The city hoped to encourage the creation of additional less expensive housing options and also to help homeowners take care of loved ones or create an additional source of income from their property.

At the time the regulations were being considered some folks warned that their would be an explosion in housing with thousands of additional apartments springing up everywhere.  After three years though the results have been the opposite – .i.e. underwhelming.

According to recent V14 comments by Bryan Barash, in the three+ years since the liberalized regulations took effect there have been a total of 33 new accessory apartments created.  Additionally, six illegal existing apartments were legalized,

year – new – legalize existing
2016 – 3 – 1
2017 – 9 – 2
2018 – 9
2019 – 12 – 3

I’m certain the new accessory apartment regulations were greatly appreciated by the homeowners that took advantage of them these past three years.  I do wonder whether going forward that’s we should expect – 5 or 10 new additional units a year.

What do you think?  Is this a great success or a disappointment?  Would you like to see more accessory apartments or is it worrisome/  If you’d like to see more, what steps could or should the city take to make it easier for homEowners to create additional apartments?



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