While reading the Boston Globe email this morning, noticed a subtle change at the bottom – 1 Exchange Place in Boston?  The Globe has abandoned their iconic building in Dorchester near Umass Boston (another sad footnote of the Newspaper industry), so what is outlook for their old site? Pretty good as it turns out.
The size mirrors the Northland’ site at just under 17 acres, but the height is far less than the 8 stories proposed on Needham Street.  The Beat is all commercial – the covered tax base/rate Newton will never get back once Northland is approved for multi-use.  The traffic mitigation strategies Northland has proposed (basically a 10 min shuttle and subsidized T passes) could apply here as well – only better, as being commercial, it would be a REVERSE MBTA COMMUTE!
Restaurants, fitness center, beer gardens paired with the bike lanes that the DOT plans to add on Needham Street and there’s the Green vibrancy everyone is asking for. And without the added strain to Newton classrooms. No zoning changes would be necessary. Throw in a spray park named for John Rice and schedule the ribbon cutting ceremony! 

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