There is going to be a presentation of a proposed redevelopment in Newton Highlands at Thursday’s Newton Highlands Area Council meeting, January 2. Talanian Realty will present a proposal  for a development at 1149-1151 Walnut Street. This is the location of the Skin Innovations building near Lincoln St. We have not heard any of the details for the plan of this current commercial space. I encourage all those interested to attend and learn what could be done here.  

The meeting is at 7:30 at the Brigham House, 20 Hartford Street.  The meeting will start with Area Council officer elections which should only take a few minutes after which will be the development proposal.  

Talanian Realty also bought the Stevens Building and the properties between 1149 Walnut Street and the Stevens Building but only the 1149-1151 Walnut Street property is proposed for redevelopment.


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