UPDATE: Here’s the full list of committee assignments 

    • I just lifted this list of the new City Council and School Committee committee asignments from Amy Sangiolo’s always informative weekly newsletter.
        • Land Use:
          • Chair and Vice President of the Council: Rick Lipof
          • Vice Chair: Andrea Kelley
        • Programs and Services:
          • Chair: Josh Krintzman
          • Vice Chair: Brenda Noel
        • Zoning and Planning Committee:
          • Chair: Deb Crossley
          • Vice Chair: Vicki Danberg
        • Finance Committee:
          • Chair: Becky Grossman
          • Vice Chair: David Kalis
        • Public Safety and Transportation:
          • Chair: Jake Auchincloss
          • Vice Chair: Andreae Downs
        • Public Facilities:
          • Chair: Alison Leary
          • Vice Chair: Emily Norton
        • Real Property Reuse Committee:
          • Chair: Vicki Danberg
          • Vice Chair: Chris Markiewicz
      • School Committee:

        • Chair: Ruth Goldman
        • Vice Chair: Bridget Ray-Canada

        Public Facilities:

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