This is a step in making Newton Centre cool… kinda.

Blackbird Doughnuts is opening up on Union Street. That makes the street a pretty interesting culinary destination, with places like Comedor, Farmstead Table, Health Bar, Woops!, and the venerable Rosenfeld’s Bagels all right there. Then you have the stretch including Central (both the bar and cafe), Galit’s Treats, Sycamore, Little Big Diner and a long list of others. 

I’d love to see Union Street turned into a pedestrian-only location on Saturdays during the summer to allow these stores and restaurants a more festival-like atmosphere. Then we can bring them some attention. 

Also, Blackbird has a small shop near its bakery in Allston Brighton as well as several other stores in the South End, Fenway, and Havard Square. Now, if we could bring them a few more customers by increasing the density….

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