| Newton MA News and Politics BlogCome one, come all, to the Bloggers Ball.

On Monday Dec 9 Village14 will be hosting a long overdue party.  Starting at 7 PM until we run out of gas we’ll be gathering at Paddy’s Public House in West Newton.  They’re setting aside the upstairs room for the occasion.

Come bloggers, come commenters, come lurkers, come trolls, come friends of friends.  Everybody’s welcome!

Maintain your anonymity if you like.  Introduce yourself by your Village14 handle, or your real name, or hell just tell everyone you’re FigNewtonville.  If more than one Figgy turns up we’ll hold a Pick the Real FigNewtonville Contest”.

We’ll be celebrating the upcoming holidays.  We’ll be celebrating Village14’s 8th birthday.  We’ll be celebrating the life of Village 14, a typical 8 year old – one minute mature and intelligent, the next obnoxious and cranky

We hope to see you all there

p.s. Paddy’s wants us to give them a rough head count so they can staff accordingly.  If you think you’ll be there send me an email at [email protected]

p.p.s Thanks to Terry Malloy, our Village14 social director, for putting this together,