Here is a link to an article in the Globe about “Geezer Jocks”.

 It highlights a group of older athletes who show how our healthy years (healthspan) are extending to match our longevity (lifespan). Our experience of aging is and will be different than previous generations.  There is a movement to create age-friendly communities. (Newton is one, Massachusetts is an age-friendly state, and there is a worldwide movement to adapt to longevity). The momentum in this effort is fueled by the recognition that creating an age-friendly community helps all of us of any age live longer, healthier lives. What works for the oldest and youngest in a community tends to work for everyone in between.

What is Newton doing to help us all extend our healthspan?  There are lots of examples. The new requirement to shovel sidewalks may make it safer for all of us to walk to destinations or to get exercise. Using multiple channels of communications (email, calls, newsletters, Tab) ensures that people have access to information and feel connected.  Transportation options like NewMo help people to get around and stay connected even when they no longer drive. The accessory dwelling unit change may allow some homeowners to age in place. The property tax deferral program may provide relief to some who need resources to pay for other services. Having benches or bathrooms available to the public can make it easier for people to get out and about if functional status or continence is a concern.

What are your ideas to make Newton age-friendly?


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