Guest post from contributor Jim Epstein
The Newton Democratic City Committee’s official online Invitation to its “Ward 6 Dems Holiday Party” occurring Sunday December 1, features among other notables the presence of Mayor Fuller and Newton City Councillors at Large Jake Auchincloss and Becky Grossman, both being candidates for Congressman Kennedy’s House seat.  The invitation is directed to Democrats as being a “Democratic fiesta”.
The invitation then concludes with the following:  “Come to celebrate the last holiday season in which a savage occupies the White House. As one sign says, “I will vote for anyone normal, Anyone!!!””
While that concluding remark on the official Holiday Party Invitation might seem acceptable for partisan Democrats, some might question those words in connection with the announced featured presence of City Councillors and Mayor as being inconsiderate, if not inappropriate for non-partisan office holders serving many (albeit a minority within the City) Republican or Trump supporting constituents.
Do readers deem it proper for the Mayor and Councillors Auchincloss and Grossman to disassociate themselves from the remarks as being offensive to some within the community?
City Committee chairwoman Barbara John says “I support the use of that word.”
“Shawn Fitzgibbons, chairman of the Newton Democratic City Committee, called John’s use of the word “inappropriate.”
“We do not condone in any way, shape or form the use of words that have racist overtones to them,” he said.

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