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Just one week before the Newton City Council is scheduled to vote on the Northland project, Right Sized Newton President Randall Block is organizing a petition drive to stop the project. Here’s some excerpt from a letter Block sent to supporters.

“We expect the City Council to approve Northland’s plan at its next meeting on Monday, Dec. 2. Neighborhood leaders from Upper Falls and Newton Highlands have decided to challenge this decision by petitioning for a referendum as allowed under Article X of Newton’s City Charter — the same process that our Riverside committee was preparing for if we didn’t reach a compromise with Mark Development… We have 20 days to collect over 3,000 signatures from Newton voters. This is an ambitious goal, but I firmly believe it is doable.

Block closes his email by asking for volunteers (bold added for emphasis).

“We(‘ll) provide a clipboard if you don’t have one and a RightSize Newton t-shirt (see attached) to wear over your jacket to identify yourself. This t-shirt will be yours to keep….Please let me know if you have any time to devote to this petition drive.

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