Driving westbound on Washington Street toward the left turn (southbound) intersection of Lewis Terrace/Adams Street, the City of Newton Highway Division of its Public Works Department has for many years maintained a rectangular stay right sign erected on the traffic light pole mounted on the concrete raised center island. One problem, that sign significantly obstructs the view of oncoming two-lane eastbound Washington Street traffic, and when coupled with a similar opposite facing sign at the other end of the island, serves to exacerbate a rather hazardous left turn, especially when the oncoming eastbound center lane has several vehicles waiting to make left hand turns northbound on to Adams Street, leaving a total obstructed view of oncoming right lane eastbound Washington Street traffic. I’ve seen several near misses and believe there have been a number of collisions at that intersection.

There’s a simple solution, re-mount a narrower sign right above and/or right below the traffic light which can itself be raised on a heightened pole. Or perhaps someone may have another suggestion. In any event, comments of others may be useful before deciding whether to relay this situation to Newton’s Highway Division. If others see no problem there, feel free to comment as well