Just in from NTA president Mike Zilles:

Dear Colleagues:

Thanks to all of your incredible work supporting our union, today your NTA bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with the School Committee!

We will be sharing more information as soon as possible about the terms of the tentative agreement. What we can say now is that we have earned the respect and due consideration that we have been fighting for. We believe this agreement is a major win for all members of the NTA.

The contract campaign can now end. Members can now again participate in faculty meetings, department meetings, and voluntary committees. No more silent meetings!

Most importantly, we can again turn our undivided attention back to where we most want to put it–educating our students. And we can do so knowing our union is strong, and that our solidarity has won us the respect we deserve!

I look forward to sharing with you the details or our agreement!

In solidarity,

Mike Zilles, President
Newton Teachers Association