Dan Foley just sent us this:

I just received the attached in the mail. It’s a letter from Boston College’s VP of Governmental and Community Affairs regarding the City of Newton’s “ill-advised and expensive eminent domain proposal.”

It was addressed to “The Foley Residence.” I wonder how much they paid for a list of Newton residents, plus the postage.

The letter definitely includes some very misleading information.  It says:

“The Newton Community Preservation committee has $14 million in a fund for affordable housing, historic resources, open space, and recreational land, currently with at least 28 projects vying for funding.  All of those projects, – from affordable housing and public parks/playgrounds to historic preservation would lose out if the  Mayor and City Council proceed to direct the entire fund to pay for Boston College’s land.”

The most important word in that sentence is ‘IF’.  I haven’t been following this issue nearly as closely as Boston College no doubt  is.  So I’m quite certain that BC is completely aware that the City’s plan is to devote roughly half of each year’s CPC funding targeted for ‘open space/recreation” to this project.   That would still leave half of each year’s funding targeted to open space/recreation available for other projects AND would leave ALL of the CPC funding for affordable housing and historic preservation intact.

Later the letter says “Boston College has been a good neighbor”.  That may have been true in the past but not at the moment.  Good neighbors don’t try to rile up the neighborhood with false and misleading rumors about their neighbors.

The letter ends with a request to contact the Mayor and City Council.  I’d urge you  instead to contact Thomas Keady, Vice President Government & Community Affairs, Boston College 617-552-2512, [email protected]