The Newton Nomadic Theater regularly hosts nights of storytelling called the Nomad Story Slam.  From time to time I dive into the archive of 100’s of stories that have been told at the Nomad Story Slam over the last six years and pull out one of my favorites.

At last March’s event the theme was “comfort zone‘. Noah Rivken, Mayor Fuller’s Executive Aide, came and told a great story about taking a class in New York.   Noah was definitely pushing the edges of his own personal comfort zone that month.  A few weeks later Noah shipped off to Quantico as a new recruit in the US Marines.   We look forward to more stories when he returns,

Here’s Noah’s story 

By a weird and wonderful coincidence, it turns out that Noah just graduated from US Marines Officer Training Academy this weekend.  Better yet, City Councillor Jim Cote was there and forwarded these photos.