The years long effort to secure city permitting for the very large Northland project in Upper Falls is all converging on a vote of the full  City Council on Monday night starting at 7 PM.

Last week the council’s Land Use Committee approved the project with 6 votes and two abstentions.  On Monday night the project will need 16 votes of the full 24 member City Council.

The project will develop the 22 acre site between Needham St, Oak St, Tower Rd, and the Upper Falls Greenway that includes what is now the Marshall’s plaza as well as lots of unused asphalt and some foundations of old industrial buildings on the site that have been razed.  The historic mill building (formerly Clarke Shoes) will be preserved, pretty much everything else on the expansive site will be leveled and built anew.

The proposed development will include 14 new buildings, 800 apartments (including 140 affordable), 180,000 square feet of office space, and 115,000 square.

There is a likely to be a big turnout for Monday’s meeting.  Neighborhood group RightSize Newton are rallying folks in opposition to the Special Permit for Monday’s meeting and pro-housing group Engine 6 are rallying their supporters to attend in support of the Special Permit,