I thought it was just me, but apparently it runs in my family.  During the last election I got myself in some hot water because of my penchant for promiscuous political endorsements.  After that I swore off all future endorsements and have been sticking to that policy this time around.

Not so my wife.  Marie has spent the last month filling our postage stamp sized lawn with an every growing collection of Newton candidate’s political signs … so much so that my teenager daughter winces every time she walks in or out of the house.

This morning I pulled in after running some errands and realized that there are signs for all three competing candidates in the Ward 6 City Council race on my front lawn. 

Marie explained that she’s been a big fan of Alicia Bowman’s from the start.  She knows her from many appearances at the Upper Falls Area Council over the years and my work on the Tour de Newton with Alicia over the last five years.   Vickie Danberg got added a while back when she wrote back to Marie in support of an issue that she cared about.  Greg Schwartz just got added this week.  Marie ran into Greg at the candidate Story Slam on Wednesday.  She’s known Greg for years, since our kids were in elementary school together.  She thinks he’s done a good job during his time in office.  When she saw for the first time in a while on Wednesday she told him she wanted a sign for him

That’s my girl 😉

The two take away’s from all this:

  • It’s a good sign for the City when citizens believe they have three good candidates running for a contested seat.
  • Stay away from the Reilly-Jackson family if you’re looking for unwavering support in a political race.

Despite the fact that she has a more-is-better philosophy when it comes to political lawn signs, there is one candidate that she absolutely refused to put a sign up for.