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We have invited all candidates running for contested seats in the upcoming Newton election to submit a guest post to Village 14. The format and content of the post is entirely up to them.

City Council candidate Bryan Barash, who is running for the Ward 2 ward seat, has submitted the following post.

When I sat down to write this post, I asked myself, “With a week left before the election, what would I like to say to the voters of Ward 2?”

“What can I say that I haven’t said face to face at the over 6,000 doors I’ve knocked on during this campaign? Or the 25 house parties we’ve held? Or at Village Day or the countless other public events I’ve attended?

“What message can I share that people can’t already find on my website, www.bryanbarash.com, or haven’t already read in my literature or mailers? Or heard in the two debates I’ve participated in?”

So I decided that I would share two more things. The first is this video. Over the past year, I’ve learned that a lot of voters find our confusing municipal election system, well, confusing. So I wanted to do something to explain it. Please send it on to any friends who may be unsure about who can vote for which candidates. (If you live in Ward 2, you can vote for me, and I hope you will!)

Watch video here

The other message I’d like to share is, “Thank you.”

Thank you to my wife Claudia, for supporting me in this endeavor and for being the best partner, and the best campaign manager, I could ask for.

Thank you to all the Ward 2 voters who are planning to vote for me. I’ve worked hard to earn your vote and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your confidence in me.

Thank you to the current and former elected officials, community leaders, grassroots organizations, and unions who have endorsed me.

Thank you to my amazing team of over 100 volunteers, for all the time and energy you’ve given to our campaign.

Thank you to everyone who has talked to me about your hopes for our community. I believe that the biggest issues facing Newton right now — transportation, housing and development, environmental sustainability, maintaining our excellent schools, supporting our growing senior population, ensuring our fiscal health, making our village centers more enjoyable and functional — are interrelated, and we need a holistic approach to addressing them. I will work every day to make Newton work for you.

And thank you to Village 14 for providing a forum for this post today, and a forum for impassioned discussion of local issues every day. Thank you also to all the commenters here for providing your perspectives. You help me refine my thinking and I really enjoy participating.


Bryan Barash
617 564 1622

Twitter: @bryanbarash