I love the degree of civic engagement in our city and hope it keeps up after the election on November 5th. There are a lot of issues we are confronted with as a community that are exciting, thought and emotion provoking and that have the potential to have an impact on future generations. What concerns me, though, is the almost equal degree of anger and, behind the scenes, sabotage that is accompanying this particular election. With lawn signs being stolen in large numbers and, more recently, tires being slashed in the driveways of sitting councilors, I would suggest that we re-evaluate the ways we engage. It is great to care, but let’s also care for each other as human beings and community members. Let’s engage in constructive debate on things we disagree on, leading with data and facts, and leave words that may incite violent or destructive behavior out of the dialogue. We are better than that and we have some great work to get done.