We have invited all candidates running for contested seats in the upcoming Newton election to submit a guest post to Village 14.  The format and content of the post is entirely up to them.

City Council candidate Alicia Bowman, who is running for one of the two Ward 6 at-large seats, has submitted the following post.

Thank you Village14 for this opportunity. 

I would like to talk about the importance of electing leaders to the City Council. The greater Boston region is facing unprecedented challenges on housing and transportation. What happens around us affects us too and we must be part of the solution.  Having more housing, especially senior housing and affordable housing is important to many current Newton residents. Improvements to transportation options will be a huge benefit to Newton as well.  We have other key decisions including continuing work on improving school buildings and roadways, increasing the commercial tax base, and ensuring Newton remains a vibrant community that works people from a broad socio-economic range. These issues must be addressed while also taking definitive action on the climate crisis. 

Every person we elect to City Council must be prepared and willing to lead, that means they must understand the priorities, be able to think strategically and not just reactively, work with fellow councilors and residents to develop a shared understanding of the issues and the options, build consensus and know what it takes to effectively implement change.  Leaders don’t leave communication to other people and understand consensus does not mean everyone agrees.  Leaders are willing have tough conversations and able to move the community forward.   

On November 5th you have a choice to vote for a candidate with those leadership skills.  I have an MBA and many years as a management consultant.  I have 15 years as a community advocate helping people solve problems.  I have built strong relationships with city officials.  I am endorsed by the Newton Teachers Association, Progressive Newton, the Sierra Club, Engine 6 and the Newton North Bike Club and many community leaders because of the work I have done.  I have the necessary passion and energy to do this very hard job.  I ask for your vote.

Oh and if you want to see my candidate statement it is here.  https://vimeo.com/365388975