A card arrived in yesterday’s mail at my Upper Falls home.   It begins “Lies About Traffic Continue for the Proposed Development on Needham St”

It urges the reader to call the following City Councilors and “let them know how you feel” about the Northland Project and it lists 11 of the 24 councilors (Markiewicz, Schwartz, Gentile, Baker, Norton, Lipoff, Krintzman, Cote, Lappin, Brosal-Glaser, Laredo).  It’s odd that some of the Councilors who have been most involved in the negotiations with Northland aren’t on the list, and none of the councilors (Rice, Crossley, and Downs) from Ward 5 where the Northland project is being proposed are on that list. 

Also curious, the card ends with “Hope to see you there! Paula Kelleher, Elliot Ter, Upper Falls.  I am not a member of any group, just a concerned neighbor”

That’s followed by:

Website: rightsizenewton.org

“RightSize Newton is a grass-roots, non-profit civic organization.  They are our neighbors advocating for developments that are appropriate for our existing neighborhoods and residents.”

At first glance it appears to be a mailing from RightSizeNewton but on closer examination it seems like it may be a personal mailing from a neighbor who is “not a member” of RightSize Newton but an enthusiastic supporter of the group.

Whether it’s a personal project or an effort of RightSize Newton, it seems like a bad plan to only try to have your voice heard by 11 of the 24 people who will be voting on the Northland project.