I’m just back from Upper Falls Village Day.  This being an election year, the event was swarming with candidates for City Council and School Committee – no surprise there.  What was a surprise is that Rena Getz had a table and was working the crowd, despite the fact that she just lost this week’s primary election.

She told me that despite losing the primary, she’s launching a write-in campaign for November’s election.  She thinks that the results in this week’s elections were very close 491/483/437 (Humprey/Winters/Getz) despite the fact that she made a very late entry into the race.   She feels that momentum for her candidacy was building, just not soon enough for this week’s election.

While all that may be true, a write-in campaign seems like a real long shot.  It certainly will make for a more interesting campaign for the Ward 5 seat.


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