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For the second year running the Upper Falls Greenway became an outdoor sculpture garden thanks to the N²Innovation District.  In June sculptures went up all along the Greenway and in the next few days they’ll all be coming down.

One sculpture unfortunately attracted a bit too much of the wrong kind of attention this summer.  The Money Tree by Fredrica Smith featured very real looking $20 and $100 bills hanging from branches above the walking path.

Within days after it went up the artist noticed that some bills were missing.  A few days later more bills were missing.  Within two weeks the entire tree was stripped of all the money.

Says Fredrica “My first reaction was indignation.  I couldn’t believe that people were vandalizing the sculpture”.

After two weeks she rehung a new batch of “money” in the tree and immediately the bills began to disappear.  Says Smith “my outrage began to morph into curiosity.  Who was taking these bills and why?.”

Smith says she decided to turn the Money Tree into a totally different concept.  “Rather than steam in my disappointment I thought I’d create a new work based on what was happening to the Money Tree.”

She hid a camera by the tree and captured people reacting to the Money Tree.  The resulting video is very funny.

Say’s Smith “When I began viewing the captured video I realized people loved the Money Tree  but some people just couldn’t seem to help themselves.  The sight of money wafting in the breeze was just too much for them.   The more I watched, the more tickled I became.”

Fredrica says “I had assumed it was one person taking the money.  Instead she learned it was many people taking a bill or two at a time, day and night.”

Here’s Fredrica’s new creation  Money Tree – The Video.