This statement has been released by the Newton Public Schools…

On August 14th, we were informed that the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit related to our history curriculum voluntarily withdrew their suit against the district. We view this as an acknowledgement on the Plaintiffs’ part that their claims have no merit – a position we have maintained all along in this matter.

Our history curriculum is a curriculum that teaches students to appreciate the historical, religious, political and cultural influences that shape the countries and the people of the world. Students not only learn factual information about specific historical events and details, but are also exposed to a range of perspectives on those particular events. Teaching with objectivity, respect, and intellectual rigor, our skilled faculty and administrators provide students with the skills to separate fact from opinion, challenge their own thinking, and develop opinions through the study and testing of ideas. As has always been our practice, we focus on teaching students how to think rather than what to think.

These legal proceedings created a very challenging environment for our faculty and staff, particularly our educators named in the lawsuit. We are grateful for their professionalism, patience, and cooperation throughout this process. We also are appreciative of the organizations that filed an amicus brief in support of the Newton Public Schools. The support from these organizations and from families, staff, and residents of Newton underscore this community’s deep commitment to ensuring that our students receive a first-rate education. With the lawsuit behind us, we are ready to move forward together and begin another successful school year.

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