Swimming at Crystal Lake is closed at least for a week due to heightened levels of algae in the water. No one – humans or pets – should have contact with the water.
• Do not swim in Crystal Lake
• Do not swallow water from Crystal Lake
• Keep animals away from Crystal Lake
• If accidental water contact occurs, rinse off immediately

With advice from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), the Commissioner of Health and Human Services determined that all of Crystal Lake must be closed at this time because of potential health risks. MDPH advised Newton to close Crystal Lake while the water tests are being conducted and results are pending. More information should be available late next week, and we will determine if the lake can reopen for swimming.

Blue-green algae can form harmful blooms in bodies of water that may produce toxins and could make pets and people sick if they swallow the water, have direct skin contact, or inhale water droplets.

Populations such as nursing mothers and pregnant women, those with pre-existing liver conditions, those receiving dialysis treatment, the elderly, and other sensitive populations may be at higher risk of experiencing adverse health effects.

Seek medical attention if you or your pet experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever after swimming in Crystal Lake.

The Crystal Lake Park and Bath House will stay open normal hours for visitors to picnic, play and enjoy the lake from the shore.

Crystal Lake swim lessons will be credited on a pro-rated basis. For questions contact Parks and Recreation staff at Crystal Lake at 617-552-7124.

We will provide updates when we have more information at www.newtonma.gov or call the Newton Health and Human Services Department at 617-796-1420.

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