At the June 18th Land Use Committee Meeting on the Needham Street Northland project, Councilors Auchincloss and others, proposed a reduction of 400 parking spaces, which Northland rejected. Is this because of a lack of confidence in the shuttle bus plan proposed (now in its second iteration and dramatically scaled down) will be insufficient in meeting the needs of future Needham Street residents?

Compounding the issue, is this study by the State of Massachusetts on Rideshares ( which went up a whopping 25% between 2017 and 2018, with the majority of activity happening between Boston and its surrounding communities. Meanwhile, temperatures soar to 115 degrees this week in Paris and mussels are being cooked in their shells in California (

Substantive change is required to address the Climate Crisis, and simply reducing the number of parking spaces allowed for development is not enough. If Northland is to be allowed 800 residential units, a larger commitment to Green should be required; LEED certification for ALL buildings not just some; replace parking spaces for residents with a fleet of electric vehicle that can be checked out/in (like the Zipcar model, but all electric); zero use of fossil fuel on the entire property.

Anything less, is density that benefits only the bottom line of the Developer.

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