The best piece of advice that my wife and I received as our older son was entering the college search was “avoid the crazy.” The college search time in this city (and others like ours) can bring out some harsh competitive vibes. I work with students who have this college pressure starting in at least 8th grade, if not before. It’s not all that healthy. 

So, with that preamble, I present the video that a student took of herself opening the acceptances (all sent digitally) to the 20 (!) schools she applied to. This video has earned her some major YouTube cred and also landed her in the Washington Post in a piece titled “High schoolers are inviting thousands of strangers to watch as they get into college — and get rejected”.

These videos are somewhat of a “thing” on YouTube, with some amassing more than a million views. Nina Wang, the Newton North student (who, I hear, is headed to MIT) has more than 700,000 views as of this writing. 

Of course, she warns “don’t compare yourself to me, as the college process is stupid and unpredictable as f*ck.”

For the record, she got into 8 schools, wait listed at 4 and rejected from 8. 

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