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The Newton Republican City Committee has invited State Sen. Cindy Creem, State Rep. Ruth Balser and State Rep. Kay Khan to meet with them on Tuesday April 16 at 7 p.m. at the Emerson Community Center (1 Pettee Street, Newton Upper Falls).

The invitation comes as the Massachusetts Republican Party inaccurately accuses the Dems of supporting infanticide

Here’s the invite Newton Republican City Committee Chair Tom Mountain (who clearly has never taken a Dale Carnegie class and has also backed out on his vow to leave Newton) sent to his members:




Our next Newton Republican City Committee Meeting/Event will be Tuesday, April 16.

And this event is sure to be an eye opener.


That’s because we’ve invited our elected State House Delegation. And they’ve all accepted our gracious invitation.


So the NRCC will be hosting…

(you better sit down for this) –


State Representative Ruth Balser

State Representative Kay Kahn

State Senator (and Senate Majority Leader) Cynthia Creem


I know what you’re thinking.




The reasons are two fold-


First, they’re our elected representatives to the State House, and we’re their constituents too.


Second, they’re used to hearing from their fawning liberal sycophants.

Now it’s our turn.

We’ll ask them whatever we see fit.

Nothing is off the table- the Infanticide Bill, Sanctuary State, drivers licenses for illegals, etc. They’ve got a lot to answer to.


True, they’re not our friends or allies.

But… we’ll be civil, we’ll be cordial.

We’re Republicans, after all.


We really need everyone to show up to demonstrate to our liberal legislators that we Republicans are a force to be reckoned with!


Believe me, numbers matter.

At the end of the night they’ll either leave with trepidation and respect for us, or contempt and scorn.


So please, try your best to attend.


This is YOUR opportunity to confront elected liberal Democrats on our own turf.



April 16

7-9 PM

Emerson Community Center

1 Pettee Street

Newton Upper Falls





Tom Mountain


Newton Republican City Committee;

Mass. Republican State Committeeman,

Newton, Brookline, Wellesley


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