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In February, Newton Mayor Fuller made an announcement that surprised more than a few people.

She reported the results of a demographic study showing that Newton Public Schools will have no difficulty accommodating an influx of students even if four proposed or pending mixed-use developments are approved by the City Council.

In fact, without the additional students from the additional housing units, school enrollment is expected to decline,  Fuller wrote in one of her email newsletters.

“The full enrollment report will be available in the next month or two, but the preview indicates that even if all four proposals are eventually approved by the City Council, enrollment would continue to be manageable with just a slight increase in students,” Fuller wrote.

Professional demographers hired by Newton Public Schools began by evaluating current trends and projects already under construction. They then added in the projected impacts from a total of 1,785 potential new apartments from Northland on Needham Street, the Riverside Station in Auburndale, Riverdale in Nonantum and Chestnut Hill Square.

 “Without the yet-to-be-approved developments, projections show an enrollment decline,” the mayor added.

That demographic study is now available online here.

And the City Council’s Programs and Services Committee and Finance Committee will hear a presentation about the enrollment study on Weds. April 10 at 7 p.m. at the City Hall.