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Will the Pawsox become the Newsox instead of the Woosox?  Facing significant questions regarding the financing of the proposed new Red Sox minor-league stadium in Worcester, the ownership group began casting about late last year for further options.  

Meanwhile, in light of unwavering opposition from the abutting Newton Upper Falls neighborhood, the Northland Investment Corp. had opted not to move forward with its planned mixed-use development on the site of the former Saco-Pettee Mill, at the intersection of  Needham Street and Oak Street.

Northland has instead put forth a proposal to relocate the 15,000-seat minor-league facility to the 22.6 acre site in Newton Upper Falls. A company spokesman noted that the site can comfortably fit a facility of that professional level, practice fields, an integrated sports medicine clinic, a Dave & Busters, and a parking facility for the expected game-time visitors.  The complex will incorporate not only ancillary commercial and corporate development to support the Newsox, but also include shared workspaces, a café, massage facilities, and other uses required to fully support the N2 Innovation District.  The development will be similar in concept, if not in scale, to Patriot Place.

Current zoning does not explicitly prohibit the use, but Northland will still need to apply for a special permit. It is important to note that based upon feedback from the community, there will be no vehicular entry or exit from Oak Street.

Disclaimer: This was one of our many April Fools stories for 2019

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