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The Newton TAB’s Julie Cohen sent me an email this evening with the message line “incorrect info” in reference to my post from last week about lack of letters to the editor and local columns in the print edition.    Her full response is below.

Mark Marderosian was very much paid for his submitted cartoons. Andy and I filled out his invoices. You wrote they were free.

I suppose you could say his cartoons “disappeared” but it would be more accurate to say they disappeared because he chose not to submit them anymore. There’s a back story to that, but it’s old news. 
If there are no letters it’s because people submitted after deadline, they were too long and the writer chose not to cut them, they were personal attacks, etc. 
For columns and letters there are the same word limits no matter if someone is a resident or councilor. If they decide not to cut them, that’s their decision. Asking someone to cut their letter or columns, as you know, is not the same as rejecting free content. 

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