Jimmy Tingle is a hilarious comedian, a political satirist, a story-teller, and he got 41% of the vote in the last election for MA Lieutenant Governor.

He’s working on a new show and next Thursday, Dec 27, 7:30PM he’ll be trying it out on the Newton Nomadic Theater audience at Gregorian Rugs.  .

Tingle has worked as a humorist and commentator for 60 Minutes II and MSNBC and has appeared on The Tonight Show, CNN, Conan O’Brien, Fresh Air with Terry Gross and in his own HBO half-hour comedy special.

Theatrical credits include writing, performing and producing four one-person shows. He also wrote and produced the documentary film, Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream, which aired on over 60 stations nationwide on PBS.

Tingle has the rare distinction of winning Boston Magazine’s “Best of Boston” in the stand-up comedy category and for “best alternative theater” as the producer and artistic director of Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater in Somerville

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