| Newton MA News and Politics BlogThe N-Squared Innovation District has a much-needed amenity. Today the Stop & Shop finally opened up in the Newton Nexus shopping center

Now, before we start getting the complaints about traffic and parking just one note: that shopping center has more than 500 parking spaces. For perspective, the entire shopping district of Newton Centre has about half that (not including the surrounding neighborhoods). And I’m sure many people will comment about the long-lasting fight over a much bigger store that had been proposed right next door in what is now the Avalon Apartments. 

Now that we have all those people in Avalon, they need a place to shop. 

| Newton MA News and Politics BlogThis is the first Stop & Shop of its kind, both in terms of the store concept and the overall brand. This store has all the basic shopping needs but centers around the grab-and-go options for a fast lunch and dinner. It also features an in-store smoker, kombucha filling station, and curbside pickup. It’s about 20,000 square feet, which is smaller than most other supermarkets.

In short, this is designed as a “neighborhood” concept with an increased focus on prepared foods and fresh, locally sourced produce. There is even a counter designed for people to sit (with plugs) and do a bit if work while enjoying a sandwich made on artisan bread. It’s also the first with the branding that will soon roll out to all stores.