According to Mayor Fuller’s news update, we should expect tomorrow morning to be a mess. We still don’t know if school will be cancelled, (kids – you’ll have to check snowdaycalculator or wait until the phone may or may not ring at 5:00 a.m.), but we do know that yard waste will not be collected, the MBTA is moving forward with accessibility improvements to the Commuter Rail (design only but no increase in trains), design in moving forward for the Newton Highlands MBTA Green Line station, and there will be some sort of plans for a project to reduce traffic congestion at the “Circle of Death” in Newton Corner, and both the ban on recreational cannibis shops and limit on the shops both lost at the polls and the Zoning and Planning Committee has approved the proposed zoning regulations for recreational cannibis shops to the Full Council for a possible vote at the next Council meeting (November 19th).  And don’t forget about the Parking Ban!

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