Bobby Passarini is one of the regular crew that congregates outside the Depot Coffee Shop at Oak & Chestnut Street in Upper Falls. About a year ago he dreamed up the idea of building a bocce court beside the Upper Falls Greenway. 

All of the pieces of the puzzle have all come together and work on this neighborhood project has begun.  The photo is local artist Shogun Curtis who took on the job of doing all the site prep this past week.  That’s him rolling out the landscaping fabric this afternoon – and the site is now ready to go.

Starting at 7 AM next Saturday morning the actual construction will begin with a crew of volunteers.  If you’re able and willing come on down to Oak and Chestnut any time on Saturday and we’ll put you to work.  We can use all the help we can get.  Bring some work gloves if you have them.

Once the court is built and our local bocce players get up to speed we’re looking forward to going head to head with those bocce mooks over in the Lake.

Many thanks to Upper Falls CDC, the mayor’s office, Newton Parks & Rec (we {heart} Carol Stapleton), Newton DPW, Shogun Curtis, Jeff Riklin and especially Bobby Passarini for getting the balls rolling in Upper Falls.