Remember Fleck? It wasn’t closed all that long ago, but the corner spot is already becoming something news. 

Stacks, which operates a few coffee bars in the Albany, NY market, bought out Fleck and is now having a “soft opening.” I spent a few minutes talking with the manager and it looks like they’re going to have an interesting coffee program. This includes their own roasts (which are coming soon) as well as guest roasters.

What this means is that the coffee will come from multiple suppliers, so it’s not just dark or light roasts, but coffees from specific farms with very different flavors. Think about it like trying different types of wine. The same grape grown in different parts of the world and turned into wine by different vintners gives a different cup.

That said, if you’re the type of person who just wants to grab a large regular at Dunks, then this won’t mean much. 

Right now they are just doing takeaway service and hope to be a fully licensed business later this month with seating. They also plan on having nice long hours to give people a place to gather in the Highlands.  

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