Here’s your very brief synopsis of what’s was decided by the Newton City Council regarding recreational marijuana at a nearly four hour special council meeting on Thursday. I urge folks who been following this as well to add updates, observations and explanations.

The council voted 11-10 (with three absent for all votes) not to remove the previously approved 2-4 retail stores question from the November ballot. The council later voted to modify the original language but the concept remains.

After that, the council voted unanimously in support of a resolution to also put an opt-out question on the ballot.

The council next voted “no action necessary” on the signature campaign to place opt-out before voters in 2019 — essentially because they just agreed to put this question on the 2018 ballot instead. (I’ll save the complexity of what would happen if the mayor vetoed the opt-out question or other circumstances, such as if Newton voters vote in support of recreational for a second time this year and the optout folks want a third vote in 2019).

The council unanimously approved a motion to put the question on a special municipal ballot on Nov. 6.

P.S. If you did not attend or watch the meeting, I’ve just saved you four hours! You’re welcome.


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