Lime is adding a power assist option to help with Newton’s hills. Here is the press release from Nicole Freedman, Newton’s Director of Transportation Planning:

More than 50 lithium battery powered Lime-E bikes with a boost of electricity to help power your ride will be here on Saturday. Try one out! You can take a spin on one using the same Lime app on your phone as you use to ride the regular pedal versions. (Download Lime for free from the App Store.) You’ll see a battery symbol next to the bike icons showing you where the Lime-E bikes are located. The bikes have a maximum speed of 14.8 miles per hour, and cost $4.50 for a half hour. The regular pedal bikes cost $1.00 for a half hour. As of yesterday, 2,881 riders have taken 6,671 rides in Newton and traveled 6,621 miles on standard pedal bikes. Wear a helmet and park the bikes correctly. Don’t block sidewalks, driveways, or crosswalks. If you see a bike parked in the wrong place, contact Lime directly, call Customer Service here at City Hall at 617-796-1000, or help us out if you can and reposition the bike yourself.