Today, August 15th  is the very last day to register to vote for the September Primary.  Please be sure to register.  Tuesday, September 4th (YES the day after Labor Day) is the date for the primary elections. Full disclosure, I am a life-long Democrat.  But what’s most important to me is that everyone, EVERYONE, go out and exercise their right to vote (I’m so disheartened when folks don’t vote – even in a primary race because I feel so lucky to live in a country that gives every citizen, the right to vote!).  If you are not registered, please register to vote and please vote on Tuesday, September 4th for the primaries.  Here is a list of candidates for each party: (If I have forgotten anyone, please email me so I can correct the post)


Democratic Primary for Governor: Jay Gonzalez, Bob Massie.  Watch debate

Democratic Primary for Lt. Governor: Jimmy TingleQuentin Palfrey

Democratic Primary for Secretary of State: Bill Galvin, Josh Zakim.  Watch debate

Democratic Primary for Middlesex County District Attorney: Marian RyanDonna Patalano.  Watch debate

Democratic Primary for Congress: Joe KennedyGary Rucinski  Watch debate  

Democratic Primary for Governor’s Council:  Marilyn Petito-Devany, Nicholas Carter  Watch debate


Republican Primary for Governor:  Charlie Baker, Scott Lively

Republican Primary for Attorney General:  James McMahon, Dan Shores

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